In the Neighborhood of the Camp
International seminar
18th-23rd June 2012.
Hungary, Kistarcsa – Gödöllő


It was in Kistarcsa where the largest internment camp of Hungary was operated during the Stalinist era. Many people have spent there short or long time – involuntarily. There is hardly anyone in Hungary who has no connection to this infamous institution, through his or her relatives or friends. Local residents did not know too much about the world in the facility surrounded by massive walls. Those who had some information did not dare to spread it. During those years everyone was intimidated and threatened. It did not take too much to get involved… By now these fears are gone, but we should not forget about the terrible years. In the frame of an international seminar we paid tribute and commemorate the innocent people who were imprisoned here.

Title of the project: In the Neighborhood of the Camp

Date: 18th-23rd June 2012

Place: Mater Salvatoris Retreat and Conference Centre

Venue: Gödöllő-Máriabesnyő

Organiser: Kistarcsa Cultural Association

Participant countries: Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Slovakia

Web: www. neighborhoodofthecamp.eu

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