Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation – BGRF


The Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation, established in 1998, is an independent, non-profit NGO with a goal to contribute to the achievement of gender equality and equal opportunities in compliance with international universal and regional standards of Human Rights. The BGRF works for the protection of Human rights and gender equality through, research, advocacy campaigns and proposals for legislative changes, provision of education, training and consultations for professionals and working in wide networks in cooperation with other organizations, public institutions and experts. Our vision is the recognition of the organization as an established international center of professionals in the field of gender equality, antidiscrimination law, domestic violence and reproductive rights. The BGRF has branches in Plovdiv, Haskovo, Gorna Oryahovitza. Since 2001 the BGRF has a youth program.

We work in the sphere of: • Domestic violence

  • Human rights protection
  • Trafficking in women
  • Prevention of discrimination
  • Socio-economic rights of women
  • Youth issues

and develop the following activities:

  • Prevention and services for interdisciplinary support for victims of domestic violence
  • Research
  • Education programs
  • Advocacy
  • Proposals for legislative changes
  • Social services for people with disabilities and people from marginalized groups
  • Youth activities

BGRF has successfully implemented more than 50 projects, conducted more than 50 seminars and trainings, conferences and trainings and has more than 30 publications.



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