Salacgrivas Novada Dome – SND


Salacgrivas Novada Dome is a rural municipality in Latvia which was formed in 2009 joining three towns and their rural territories. SND is the first municipality in Latvia which has signed the Green municipality declaration in order to encourage and promote healthy, economic, natural and sustainable lifestyle and economic activities.

SND is trying to encourage and support its citizens’ effort to participate in the intercultural dialogue and to develop their sense of European identity. Participation in twinning projects is one of the ways how to reach it.
As a rural municipality, our problem is how to attract young people to stay here after graduating school instead of looking for job in bigger cities or even outside the country.

Participation in various seminars and sharing experiences with other countries is likely to improve the situation and help us to find the right solution for the problem when our society is getting older and at the mean time give us ideas how to improve the lives of our citizens.  



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