ESTRA Foundation


ESTRA foundation, Slovakia is a Nongovernmental organisation run by a board of directors with each one of them bringing in a specialised field namely International trade, Marketing, Environmental studies, Biodiversity, Business administration, Financial studies, Public administration and European studies assisted by a small team of assistants.

ESTRA foundation, Slovakia aims to provide information, training, organisation of training workshops, European project participation , project management, technical assiatnace education and other informational activities to the Slovak public, SME’s, NGO’s, schools and also to European citizens concerning EU issues, sustainable farming, Biodiversity, consumer issues, culture etc.

Our staff is continuously updated by attending training sessions in Brussels and other European countries to keep abreast on new approaches and methodologies in order to offer state of the art services to our clients.

ESTRA foundation, Slovakia is active in fields of funding, culture, media, social issues, environment, information, tourism, agriculture, seminars/conferences organisation and training, bringing together a number of experts collaborating together to offer the top services required from our clients.

We believe that our role on the market is to provide clients with a customised, one-to-one service where their business needs are understood and fulfilled qualitatively. With this, our vision is to be quoted as the leaders in providing a comprehensive package covering consultancy services.

The services offered consist of highly integrated yet distinct areas that are vital for businesses aspiring towards the consolidation, growth or diversification of their company processes. These consist of: Consultancy work on Sustainable development, Alternative Energy, Environmental, Agricultural, Tourism and European affairs, Media & Public relations, Design & Printing, ICT & Web Design and Project management, organisation of conferences and events, training sessions and product launches.