Asociación Cultural Moán


Asociación Cultural Moán is a non-profit and independent organization, founded in Ferrol in 2005. Its members are young people involved with cultural activities and youth mobility. Our range of activities includes an European and a local level, and it’s open both to our members or supporters and to young people in our hinterland area.

At a European level, we are involved with the Youth in Action program, funded by the European Commission. From 2005 we have organized different events within its frame, as youth exchanges (action 1.1), training courses and seminars (action 4.3). Youth exchanges are activities for young people from 18 to 25 years old, oriented to establish tights among youngsters from different countries and backgrounds. Our youth exchanges projects focus on European awareness and non-formal learning, dealing also with motivating themes for young participants such as legends and oral traditions, environmental, maritime culture, and breaking-stereotypes activities.

We also organize seminars addressed to youth workers and group leaders, in order to share experiences and work methods. Through them we want to promote the “learning through experience” or “adventure learning” as a very useful method in youth work. In this case, we organize and take part in projects related with environmental consciousness, education through sports and outdoors and measures against youth unemployment.

At a local level, we organize outdoor activities and cultural visits for our members and supporters, in order to approach them to our regional natural and cultural heritage. We propose photo-tours in the main cities of our region, i.e. Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña or Ferrol; to approach the nature we organize walkings in main natural sites of Galicia, as Fragas do Eume, the Ribeira Sacra or Os